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The construction of a full interpretation of rockery garden rockery, is the first battle; and the completion of the project handover is announced overall success. Receive drawings, means that afternoon when issued, for sharpening an uphill battle.
One, look at the scene, as the industry program
1 logistics and construction for An army marches on its stomach. Cooking stove, stay comfortable, there is water and electricity, there is the construction of things information, these live in general by the end of the batch of the vanguard force, the time is about three days.
2 designers of the owners and the construction side of the field of landscape function, request clarification skills this step is often omitted, is probably not beautiful party say, how the construction side won't listen to reason that the construction designer.
3 construction process decomposition, the calculation of the construction process, in the final analysis is to determine where to start construction, the construction of some of the construction process is fixed by the pattern of. Of course, it does not eliminate the unknown node works, it alone out, the focus of research. If the concerns of Party A at any time to change, that a scenic stone works down really will fall heart disease.
As a lot of time since the party is not allowed to take, but also as long as the product looks, to know that this is not what he wanted. How to do? Change ah! This, we should learn to think of it. Guess a temper, often exchange disturb, comprehensive guidance, concluded that the early scene data, these are what we will take to heart the local. No matter what, the construction material is still not changed. Therefore, according to the drawings and construction process of the material is still calculated from ten of the eight or nine. Only even after party a certain material, also don't rush orders, in addition to Jique tight materials, other bulk types should not be earlier than later. Of course, the latest is not to be late for immediate construction, which is a good order processing time of arrival, by the way the holiday time to take a break. On extra custom, easy loss of information should be left back in order to repair later.
4 in theory, the completion date of the commencement date is the total construction time. But due to the construction site with limited extreme climate, party a project change period extended, and other unpredictable factors, coupled with the project completion date is a basis for estimating a judge or catch up on holidays or leaders before the coming trip. Time is not easy, always want to end, but the best way is to add the number of day and night to work overtime, is called upon to play, and dry. In the project free season to call people, in the busy season to be scheduled in advance. So we need to do more accurate manual work of the program, the accuracy of demand to rely on rich experience in engineering practice and measurement.
Two, based on the terrain and underground operations
The 1 block area of construction materials, machinery into the approach road block partition like Paodingjieniu planned, a knife knife along smoothly. And practice is not always so ideal, perhaps because of the construction is subject to the tight work, or place failed to give it on schedule, or other reasons. But the overall partition and partition has been able to determine the. Therefore, the waterfront construction project construction is to seize the place, but also put all sorts of things together together, according to the construction site set mechanical road planning.
2 start elevation, the line, the whole terrain elevation, the line is often used as a reference to the housing construction. Taking into account the practical deviation, to respond to the reference level and scale of the review, and then determine the best reference. The deviation of the reference point theory, supervision, planning to tell elevation scale optimization, practice often soften treatment and people do not know. What garden is not factory goods must be a mold, it was due to. The concave and convex of the line skill is reflected in the horizontal and vertical, natural and natural, and the scale is in a proper position.
The intersection of the two lines to determine a point, the intersection of two points determine the line. Straight right angle common hook four three string five verification. With the total station can easily end, just a bit too cumbersome and other valuable. The scale of the drawing is the end of the pavement, and the size of the line is often the foundation. Familiar with the structure and the stone surface layer scale, to cut rework to get rid of or repair work.
On the foundation of the pack, will involve a reinforced concrete crushing, muck, digging machine pressed into the pine pile or off for soil, although what visa delays. On the garage roof type of Roof garden, the terrain is relatively simple to clean up, according to the planning of elevation to calculate the amount of earthwork into the soil, and then according to the elevation planning to dig and fill up.

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